You can impact hundreds of students with a commitment to Equal Opportunity Schools

In pursuit of our mission, we focus on the “tragedy of twenty feet.” Each year, roughly three-quarter of a million incoming juniors and seniors are just across the hall from advanced high school classes they are ready to succeed in—classes they will need in order to achieve their college completion goals.

To flip the conversation and create a cycle of higher expectations, school system leaders need:

  1. Motivation to act
    Our K-12 schools are nothing if not busy. Equal Opportunity Schools has demonstrated an ability to focus educators on access to AP and IB. This motivation is based on a moral imperative, our national and local research, and our networks of supportive philanthropists, peers and regional and national leaders.
  2. Strength-based evidence and data
    Equal Opportunity Schools has developed the nation’s leading dataset on student assets and aspirations, learning mindsets, and evidence-based improvements in our understanding of academic potential.
  3. Vigilance and focus
    Pervasive patterns like inequitable access to advanced high school courses are very hard to disrupt. Our team keeps our partners focused on using data and executing against the goal of finding all of their missing students, so that prevailing enrollment patterns are fundamentally altered.

We are committed to helping you achieve results

Results matter and Equal Opportunity Schools’ program is one of the most cost-efficient and effective programs that impact enrollment. Equal Opportunity Schools has identified and added tens of thousands of students of color and low-income students to college readiness class enrollments—among active partners—and implemented our program in nearly 800 schools 250 districts across 33 states.

Contact us to receive a free Opportunity Analysis for the high schools in your district.

Become a Partner District

Equal Opportunity Schools is opening the application process for the next cohort of 100+ schools. Fill out our contact form to request more information about the program commitment, required data, application timeline, and to be invited to a regional convening learning session.

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