Our Approach

Equal Opportunity Schools’ proprietary framework is a four-phase process designed to carefully learn about and onboard each unique school system, provide 360-degree support and guidance, and deliver an action plan to identify and enroll qualified students into more rigorous courses. First-time schools begin in Phase 1 and advance to the following phases as they reach predetermined benchmarks.


Establish relationship & educate staff

  • Facilitated site visits and coaching
  • Analyze equity barriers and opportunities
  • Identify students for outreach and enrollment
  • Develop student and staff support plan


Elevate equity champions & identify target students

  • Facilitate staff workshops
  • Focus on student belonging, experience, and growth mindset
  • Provide student listening sessions
  • Present grade and success analysis
  • Access to EOS’ proprietary tools


Examine & evaluate

  • Policies and practices that can further remove barriers for students
  • Educator practices that can strengthen and then sustain shifts in school culture, through a community of practice model
  • Data reports and tools that offer insights on access, success, and experiences within advanced coursework classrooms


Transition to sustainability

  • Participate in remote thought-partnership and support
  • Continue focusing on closing the opportunity gap

Our success can be directly attributed to our partners and our partnership team. Meet the people who could be on the ground in your school.

I was glad I took AP.

As you catch on, as you’d practice more, you start understanding it more, and it’s something unique. It made me feel like that, at the end of it, I gained a lot of knowledge and liked the vocabulary, because it was really different compared to honors, especially the way the teacher talks…

Samuel 10th Grader, North Carolina High School