EOS and Texarkana: Implementing a new student outreach strategy

Texarkana ISD thought they were outreaching to students. They thought they were doing the work to diversify their advanced courses. But they weren’t seeing the outcomes. They knew they had to do something different to make sure their rigorous courses truly reflected their student population.

Equal Opportunity Schools was that something different.

Barriers to Belonging

Join EOS and our panelists, Andy Meloche, Principal Berkley High School (MI), and Colleen Weiner, Principal Middletown High School (CT) as we engage ways to reengage, reconnect with, and recenter students in the new year.

Decoding Student Aspirations

Decoding Student Aspirations with panelists: Lindsey Troutman, Director of College and Career Readiness of Lamar CISD and Kristin Ingold, Supervisor, Division of Enriched Programs of Pasco County Schools discuss: encouraging staff advocacy for student success, unlocking opportunities for student and staff connections and empowering district and school leaders to make decisions that are best for their students.

Why Equity Can’t Wait

Over 850,000 low-income and students of color have not been placed in advanced level courses across U.S. high schools. That’s approximately 1,100 high schools worth of students! Learn what steps you can take to ensure opportunity and success for ALL of your students.

Data In Action: Your New Way of Knowing More

Your students are more than just a number. They are more than a test score, a GPA, or a class rank. Come and explore EOS’ proprietary tools that will help you put together the puzzle pieces that comprise your students experiences and that go beyond their academic performance, supporting you in your goal of seeing your students succeed.

Partner Success Story: Cyprus High School Administration

Changing the culture of a school takes patience, determination, and thoughtfulness. Come hear from one of our partners as they share how partnering with EOS has helped facilitate their equity work, change adult and student mindsets, and ultimately shift the culture of who belongs in AP/IB/AICE classes.

Funding Equity: Creative Ways to Fund Your Equity Initiatives

Your district has access to more than you may know when it comes to paying for the partnerships you need to see your students reach their highest potential. From Title IX Funds to CARES Act Funds, there are multiple creative ways to fund equity initiatives that advocate for your student’s success.