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$15 helps us identify a new district that is ready to work with EOS to unlock the potential of all of their students

$50 enables us to produce 10 student insight cards, which illuminate their educational aspirations, concerns, and needs to their teachers

$100 ensures that one educator is prepared to carry forward the equity-building work of EOS with their students

$200 helps identify 14 students ready for advanced courses but not currently enrolled

EOS is transforming districts in 24 states. We aim to be working with 1,000 schools by 2025.

You could launch change in your state’s classrooms with your donation today.

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Opportunities for unlocking student potential

I have learned why it is important to do well in school to be prepared for college…I am glad I took AP. I found myself signing up for an AP course this year, which I never thought I would do.

Elliana, student

I’m glad I took an AP class because I got to meet new people from different countries. I met a girl from Cuba and another one from the Dominican Republic. And you just learn about different cultures and it’s very interesting. You work together on group projects and it helps you understand it better. If you don’t get something, maybe your partner gets it and then share ideas.

Catalina, student

I’ve accomplished things this year that I never thought I could. The truth is that not many people get the chance to move up—Equal Opportunity Schools has given me the chance of a lifetime.

Carl, Student

I honestly feel a lot better about myself because I feel like I can finally test my limits when it comes to getting more information and so far it’s been the best. I love learning more about things, and that’s what these higher level classes do: they teach you a lot more than a normal, base class would, and I think that’s what overall makes it really fun for me.

Nylah, student

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