Delivering the level of personalized support necessary to match a student’s potential with the right opportunities can be challenging for a number of reasons. Equal Opportunity Schools’ has created a set of tools that make it easier. These tools provide data-backed insights and hands on support including:

Real Time Data and Analytics

Input from students and staff surveys combining district demographics, enrollment, and achievement data with high quality insights.

Student Insight Cards

EOS’ readiness and identification tool collects students’ college and career interests, as well as their concerns and barriers, in order to better identify candidates for advanced courses and communicate with them more authentically.

Professional Learning

EOS’ partnership directors work with districts and schools to establish school-based teams and facilitate workshops, consulting protocols, and coaching strategies. These efforts help to ensure that school and district leaders have the support, guidance, and feedback they need to stay on track, facilitate meaningful dialogue, and remain accountable for outcomes.

EOS Portal

This custom portal is a one-stop-shop for EOS partners, providing everything needed to identify, engage, and support students. It offers real time, customizable access to all data analytics and ensures that schools are able to conduct meaningful outreach to students.