Racial and economic access gaps persist in U.S. high schools.

Student of color and low-income students are consistently and systematically under-enrolled in the most academically intense high school courses. The vast majority of AP and IB programs (99 percent of those in diverse high schools) do not yet provide equal access. More than three-quarters of a million students in U.S. high schools are qualified for but are missing from AP and IB classes. These students are disproportionately students of color and/or low-income students.

Disrupting the access gap has a meaningful impact.

Access gaps continue in schools due, in part, to a harmful cycle of low expectations from educators and feelings from students that they do not belong in advanced courses. However, once these “missing” students are enrolled, they are highly capable of succeeding in AP/IB courses, and find access to those courses significant and meaningful.

AP and IB classes offer a direct path to college success.

Participation in academically intense high school coursework predicts college completion results far more than race, poverty, or earlier-grade achievement test scores. In fact, students who take one AP class are 10 to 20 percent more likely to complete college. Students who pass one AP exam are 26 to 34 percent more likely to complete college.

Let’s close the AP and IB access gap together.

When we partner with high schools, we find students missing from the most rigorous classes and change their life trajectories. Results show that with smart planning, high-potential students can be identified and quickly moved into advanced courses, leading to increased engagement, better performance, and the closure of high school and college achievement gaps.

Working with Equal Opportunity Schools yields results.

When you complete the Education Opportunity Schools program your school will:

  • likely double the number of students of color and low-income students who enroll—and succeed—in AP and IB classes.
  • become part of a premier group of schools nationally with AP and IB programs that fully reflect your school’s diversity.
  • facilitate the development of students as high-achievers, resulting in more students graduating and going on to college.
  • experience a profound culture shift with educators and administrators who will start seeing their students differently—and with students who will start seeing themselves differently.

Equal Opportunity Schools offers a high impact for a low cost.

Each $2,000 spent can help turn an Equal Opportunity Student into a new college graduate. High quality AP and IB programs already exist in most U.S. high schools, making them an extremely powerful lever for change that doesn’t require a lot of capital, overhauling legal systems and labor arrangements, or upending long-standing practices. We help you get students into these programs and ensure they succeed.

We help you identify and ensure students succeed.

Pervasive patterns like inequitable access to advanced high school courses are difficult to disrupt. Equal Opportunity Schools has developed the nation’s leading dataset on student assets and aspirations, learning mindsets, and evidence-based improvements in our understanding of academic potential. Our team provides the customized tools needed to support our partners in finding all of their missing students. As a result, enrollment patterns are fundamentally altered and students develop a greater sense of belonging and achievement.