The next generation of computer science leaders

Last year, through a $10M grant, the Kapor Center and Equal Opportunity Schools, alongside many other organizations, launched the Rising STEM Scholars initiative to place and support 3,000 students of color and low income students in Bay Area AP STEM and CS classrooms.

“Black+ and Latinx+ students who take advanced computer science (CS) in high school are 7–8 times more likely to major in CS in college.”

“…lower income schools are 4X less likely to offer CS learning opportunities.”

“In California, Black+, Latinx+, and American Indian/Alaska Native students make up 60% of the overall school population but only 15% of Advanced Placement CS A test-takers.”

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Two Additional Virtual Gatherings of Leaders Scheduled

During these challenging times, we are dealing with a never-before-seen school environment, and we must create a new understanding of how our youth are best served. Both of these sessions are designed to provide tools and strategies essential to this purpose.

Disrupting Dehumanization and Affirming the Humanity of Boys and Young Men of Color and their Villages
Tuesday, July 21 at 9-11 a.m. Pacific/ Noon-2 p.m. Eastern

Dr. Rhonda Bryant, Co- Director of Forward Promise, will lead a thought-provoking presentation focused on the critical thinking and collective action essential to reclaiming the humanity and restoring the village of boys and young men of color.

Family, Community, and School Engagement
Thursday, August 6 at 9-11 a.m. Pacific/ Noon-2 p.m. Eastern

Dr. Karen Mapp, Senior Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Faculty Director of the Education Policy and Management Master’s Program. Dr. Mapp is the preeminent authority on family and community engagement.

Each session includes a Q & A session, interactive breakouts, and a solution-oriented implementation.
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A Conversation About Equal Opportunity with Dr. Nick Wahl

SFS’s Dr. Dianna Whitlock has a conversation with Dr. Nick Wahl, the Regional Director of the Strategic Initiatives Team for Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), about how to create equal learning opportunities for all students.

Interestingly enough, of 50,000 teachers interviewed across the country, the greatest predictors of success were student interest and student motivation. The lowest predictors? Students’ GPAs and test scores, which are gatekeepers—keeping capable students out of more challenging courses. In working with these high schools, Dr. Wahl and his team identify barriers to these programs and aim to knock them down to prevent further gatekeeping from deserving and motivated students, regardless of their background.

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Byron Garrett to join Niko Brim on Instagram

Byron Garrett, CEO, Equal Opportunity Schools, has been invited to speak live with Recording Artist Niko Brim, via IG today (6.23.20) at 3:20pm (pacific)/6:20pm (eastern).

Niko has created a space for social impact leaders like him to connect about current events and key pillars, including community, education, wellness, business, and justice via his a special week-long IGTV and YouTube conversation series.

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