EOS Interim CEO Announced as Co-Chair of Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell’s Transition Team

Eddie Lincoln
Eddie Lincoln
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Seattle Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell has named Equal Opportunity Schools Interim CEO Eddie Lincoln as one of our four co-chairs that will lead his transition efforts. “Having leadership at the top that accurately reflects our communities is what is needed to ensure all voices are heard, and the best outcomes are reached,” Eddie shares. “It is my honor to help lead and organize this effort.”

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Mirrors, Not Microscopes: The Cues and Conditions of Belonging in AP

Dr. Holly Karakos, Dr. Sasha Rabkin, Kim Thomas and Alison Gazarek of Equal Opportunity Schools will present: Mirrors, Not Microscopes: The Cues and Conditions of Belonging in AP at the College Board Forum 2021. This workshop will present the findings of one of the largest analyses of belonging in AP courses ever conducted. Using survey, demographic, and achievement data from over 90,000 students of color and low-income students in AP, Equal Opportunity Schools has developed a one-of-a-kind measure of the Cues, Experiences, and Conditions of Belonging.

Wednesday Oct 27, between 1:25 and 2:10 PM EST.


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Webinar: Funding Equity

From Title IX Funds to CARES Act Funds, there are creative ways to fund equity initiatives that advocate for your student’s success. Your district has access to more than you may know when it comes to paying for the partnerships you need to see your students reach their highest potential. Register to Watch Now.






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Webinar: Partner Success Stories

Changing the culture of a school takes patience, determination, and thoughtfulness. Come hear from one of our partners as they share how partnering with EOS has helped facilitate their equity work, change adult and student mindsets, and ultimately shift the culture of who belongs in AP/IB/AICE classes. Register to Watch Now.






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Webinar: Data in Action

Your students are more than just a number. Come and explore EOS’ proprietary tools that will help you put together the puzzle pieces that comprise your students experiences and that go beyond their academic performance, supporting you in your goal of seeing your students succeed. Register to Watch Now.






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