Erin Bogan’s intelligent family inspired her equal education mission

By Rashad Milligan

This article, featuring a video interview with Dr. Bogan, appeared on on February 12.

Erin Bogan’s family is all about collecting paper —in the form of college degrees.

Bogan herself holds six degrees, including a Ph.D.; her parents met at Stanford, where her father attended law school while her mother pursued her undergraduate degree. Bogan also highlights that her younger sister, whom she admits is more intelligent than her, attended Duke University. Coming from such a rich educational background, Bogan is driven to share her passion for education within the Black and less fortunate communities.

Recently, Bogan discussed her mission as the senior director of impact and research for Equal Opportunity Schools.

What is Equal Opportunity Schools?

Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more equitable pathway to rigorous courses for Black students, low-income students and Latino students.

We achieve this through unique tools that provide educators with a more comprehensive view of a student’s potential beyond a single test score. My favorite tool is the Student Insight Card, which outlines a student’s assets in various areas, not just academic prowess. It considers their mindsets and the trusted adults in their lives. This tool empowers educators to advocate for each student’s potential and guide them into more rigorous courses, using data as a tool for advocacy.

When did you first become passionate about education?

I’ve always been a nerd. My parents instilled in me a passion for education and its value. Wanting to be an educator and pursue my doctorate in education and psychology stemmed from my direct experience with students and witnessing how environments shape our self-perception as learners. I saw the affirming messages that bring out the best in students, juxtaposed with the constraints often imposed by schools, particularly on students of color. My goal is to understand how we can create environments that support all students.

What’s next for EOS?

We will soon launch our research page, the cornerstone of our work. The psychological safety report is already out and psychological safety part II and a belonging paper are coming. The first report is already available on our website [].

Watch the video interview with Dr. Bogan here.