We are driven by data.

The best practices and resources we provide are informed by data, analysis, and years of experience working with schools to identify and test approaches for serving students of color and low-income students.

We support our partner schools.

Each year, we accept a cohort of schools into the program. Our partnership team works closely with district and school leaders to determine the strengths of existing efforts and how best to tailor and implement the Equal Opportunity Schools program.

We provide resources for success.

Equal Opportunity Schools provides many resources—general and customized—for our partner schools and districts.


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EOS Action For Equity Resources

Contact us for a full list and a short description of the resources aligned to each program phase:

  • Fall Student Survey
  • Fall Staff Survey/Recommendations
  • AP/IB Student Experience Survey
  • Spring Survey
  • Equity Pathways Report
  • Outreach List
  • Participation Charts
  • Support Report
  • Semester AP/IB Course Grade Analysis
  • AP Exam Report
  • Attrition Report
  • Student Tracker
  • EOS Portal
  • Student Insight Cards
  • Outreach and Enrollment Tracker
  • Partnership Director
This is not a complete list of EOS provided resources.


Reading Lists

Equal Opportunity Schools recommends these books be listed as part of your administration and staff reading lists:

  • Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol
  • Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do by Claude Steele Click here
  • White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo Click here
  • Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools by Amanda Lewis and John Diamond Click here
  • Schooltalk: Rethinking What We Say About and To Students Every Day by Mica Pollock Click here
  • How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America, Kiese Laymon
  • The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin
  • Things That Make White People Uncomfortable, Michael Bennett
  • For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood, Christopher Emdin
  • How Children succeed, Paul Tough
  • Coaching Your Child to Academic Success: A Parent Guide with tips for K-12 to College, Cynthia DeVese
  • Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education Click here
These are only a few of the books EOS recommends from our own reading and continuous learning.
This is not a complete list of recommended resources nor does EOS endorse any specific author, but rather we are provided a library of resources.



  • Equity in Education Podcast with Dr. Sonya Whitaker Click here
  • North Carolina Principals Reflect on the National AP/IB Gap Click here
  • Seeing White by Scene on Radio Click here
  • School Segregation on Why Is This Happening by Chris Hayes Click here
These are only a few of the videos and podcasts EOS recommends from our own continuous learning.
This is not a complete list of recommended resources nor does EOS endorse any specific author, but rather we are provided a library of resources.


Associations and Affiliates

Equal Opportunity Schools is affiliated with the following organizations:

Equal Opportunity Schools follows these associations:

  • AASA: The School Superintendents Association
  • ALAS: Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
  • CABE: Connecticut Association of Boards of Education
  • CGCS: The Council of Great City Schools
  • FASA: Florida Association of School Administrators
  • FADSS: Florida Association of District School Superintendents
  • IASB: Illinois Association of School Boards
  • IAPSS: Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents
  • ISBA: Indiana School Boards Association
  • NASSP: National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • NPSI: National Postsecondary Strategy Institute
  • NSBA: National School Boards Association
  • NABSE: National Alliance of Black School Educators
  • TASB: Texas Association of School Boards
  • TASSP: Texas Association of Secondary School Principals
  • USAA: Urban Superintendents of America
  • WSSDA Washington State School Directors’ Association
This is a partial list of organizations that EOS is affiliated with.


Diversity Resources for Seattle Students

College Resources for Diverse and Multicultural Students

Financial Aid Opportunities for Minority Students

America’s Most Diverse Colleges

Immigration Resources

EOS has prepared these three consolidated resources for you:

Equal Opportunity Schools is not an immigration expert and we are not representing any specific organization or party. Please consult your local immigration specialists on specific questions, concerns, and rights.


Grants, Scholarships, and Career resources

EOS is providing the below list of available grants and scholarships as a resource for districts, schools, councilors, students, and parents. EOS is not affiliated with or benefits from any of these listed organizations, nor is EOS a provider of grants or scholarships.

Available Grants

NWEA Invites Applications for Educators for Equity Grant Program
NWEA, a not-for-profit provider of assessment solutions headquartered in Portland, Oregon, has announced the launch of its Educators for Equity Grant Program, a new initiative aimed at helping schools foster academic growth and achievement for pre-K-12 students who face systemic barriers to academic opportunities.

Scholarships Directories

OneClass: is an educational technology company whose mission to help students succeed academically in post-secondary studies. To that goal, OneClass has supplied a comprehensive list of scholarships (large awards, need-based, merit-based, major-based, etc.) to aid a diverse range of students in preparation for post-secondary studies. Additionally, OneClass lists out the top nine scholarship directories to search for additional opportunities. Click here

African American Scholarships And Grants: Twelve scholarship and grant opportunities for African American students. Click here

Scholarship.com: Whether you’re a high school student, college student, nontraditional or adult-learner, this resource allows you to get matched to scholarships and grants you’re qualified for from colleges, universities, organizations, foundations, corporations, government & more. Click here

ScholarshipOwl: is an innovative platform designed to dramatically speed up your scholarship application time. We’ll match you with the award opportunities that best match your personality, grades, lifestyle, and more. Click here

Curbed: Scholarships and career resources for architects of color. This list of scholarships, mentor programs, volunteer opportunities, and professional organizations will always be a work in progress, and we’re keen to add more. Click here

EduBirdie: Provides a compilation of available financial aid for minority students and easy tips on how to increase your chances of winning financial aid, on top of other useful resources. Click here

Available Scholarships

AIA/Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship
This program seeks to provide educational funding to “not only to those youths in financial need, but to those who otherwise would not have other means to obtain a professional education.” The scholarship can be renewed for each year of the student’s program (up to five years). Click here

HEEF Architecture and Engineering Scholarship
This $3,000 scholarship is open to Orange County-based Latino/a high school students who have been accepted into an accredited four- or five-year program in architecture or engineering and who have a mini-mum 3.5 GPA. Applicants also have to be first-generation college students and come from a family with an income limit of $45,000. Click here

Houzz Scholarship Program
Houzz offers four different architecture scholarships—Women in Architecture, Residential Design, Sustain-able Residential Design, and Residential Construction Management—each for $2,500. Scholarships are open to current undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, architectural engineering, or construction management programs. Click here

Asian American Architects/Engineers Foundation Awards
Nonprofit organization AAA/e Foundation offers scholarships in six categories: high school students scholarship, community college students scholarship, undergraduate students scholarship, postgraduate students scholarship, student loan support grant, and a university award. Applicants must be members of the AAA/e Association. Click here

American Society of Indian Engineers and Architects Scholarship Program
ASIE, a Houston, Texas-based nonprofit organization, awards financial aid to students of Indian descent who live in the Houston area or have a parent or grandparent who is a member of ASIE. The amount and number of annual scholarships awarded depend on donations from contributors as well as sponsors. Click here

The Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers – one component of the Raising Texas Teachers initiative – is designed to encourage the best and brightest students to consider a future in the teaching profession. Scholars receive up to $8,000 in annual funding for up to four years, as well as ongoing professional development opportunities, mentorship from sitting public school educators, and participation in a statewide aspiring teachers network facilitated by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation. Click here

TASSP/TASC Student Leadership Course: The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals and Texas Association of Student Councils sponsor the TEA approved course, STUDENT LEADERSHIP. Developed originally in 1996, and revised in recent years, this course curriculum is available for purchase and implementation in secondary schools. TASSP/TASC serve as the sponsoring organization with TEA and the course can be offered in Texas High Schools for state elective credit (1/2 to 1 credit). Schools or school districts must purchase the curriculum through TASSP/TASC and complete the TASSP/TASC Participant Agreement to offer this course as state credit. The curriculum may be purchased as supplemental resource for other classes or educational purposes. Click here

CleverFiles Data Recovery and Protection Scholarship: We are looking for a student who demonstrates an interest in the fields of data protection and management. Ideally, the candidate will possess some innovative ideas related to these critical aspects of our digital lives. The hope is to inspire discussion associated with these vitally important aspects of life in our digital age. Annual award of $2,000 to two (2) students. Click here

Additional Resources


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Finding America’s Missing AP and IB Students
Programs like Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) are designed to provide high school students with challenging academic course work and a head start on a college education. But despite aggressive efforts to expand participation, there remain significant differences in the rates at which students from different racial and economic groups gain access.

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Civil Rights Data Collection
Wide-ranging education access and equity data collected from our nations’ public schools.

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PERTS Growth Mindset: Studies Designed for Teachers
Our mission is to make adaptive learning mindset research and resources accessible to anyone in the world. PERTS offers several public resources, as well as some selected readings, to help make this possible.

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Rising to the Challenge: Are High School Graduates Prepared for College and Work?
Key findings from surveys among recent public high school graduates conducted November of 2014.

Immigration Resources for Schools, Parents, and Students

Immigration Resources