We are driven by data.

The best practices and resources we provide are informed by data, analysis, and years of experience working with schools to identify and test approaches for serving students of color and low-income students.

We support our partner schools.

Each year, we accept a cohort of schools into the program. Our partnership team works closely with district and school leaders to determine the strengths of existing efforts and how best to tailor and implement the Equal Opportunity Schools program.

We provide resources for success.

Equal Opportunity Schools provides many resources—general and customized—for our partner schools and districts.


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Equal Opportunity Schools recommends these books be listed as part of your administration and staff reading lists:

  • Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol
  • Whistling Vivaldi, Claude Steele
  • How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America, Kiese Laymon
  • The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin
  • Things That Make White People Uncomfortable, Michael Bennett
  • For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood, Christopher Emdin
  • How Children succeed, Paul Tough
  • Coaching Your Child to Academic Success: A Parent Guide with tips for K-12 to College, Cynthia DeVese
These are only a few of the books EOS recommends from our own reading and continuous learning.
This is not a complete list of recommended resources nor does EOS endorse any specific author, but rather we are provided a library of resources.

Customized Resources

Contact us to find out more about these customized resources:

  • Equity Pathways Report
  • Fall Survey
  • Spring Survey
  • Student Tracker

Associations and Affiliates

Equal Opportunity Schools is affiliated with the following organizations:

Additional Resources


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Finding America’s Missing AP and IB Students
Programs like Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) are designed to provide high school students with challenging academic course work and a head start on a college education. But despite aggressive efforts to expand participation, there remain significant differences in the rates at which students from different racial and economic groups gain access.

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Civil Rights Data Collection
Wide-ranging education access and equity data collected from our nations’ public schools.

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PERTS Growth Mindset: Studies Designed for Teachers
Our mission is to make adaptive learning mindset research and resources accessible to anyone in the world. PERTS offers several public resources, as well as some selected readings, to help make this possible.

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Rising to the Challenge: Are High School Graduates Prepared for College and Work?
Key findings from surveys among recent public high school graduates conducted November of 2014.