The Action For Equity (A4E) model builds on the learnings of our first 5 years. Equity at the highest levels is urgent and possible. Our new, expanded model, drives partners from access to success and onward to sustainability, while staying true to our mission of ensuring students of all backgrounds have equal access to America’s most academically intense high school programs—and particularly that low-income students and students of color opportunities to succeed at the highest levels.

Access Opportunity
Phase 1: Data, coaching and action to ensure students of color and low income students enroll at equitable rates in your most rigorous high school courses.


Experience Success
Phase 2: Maintain equitable access, support students and staff and focus on the of the experiences of students of color and low-income students in the development of belonging rich contexts for their success.


Extend Equity
Phase 3: Develop and enshrine the policies, practices and mindsets to sustain your equitable opportunities and begin to drive the core work on your own.


Tools Package
The Tools Package is designed for clients, who are prepared to drive significant amounts of the work, to continue their progress towards closing or maintaining closed gaps during the previous year’s partnership. Ongoing partner support and troubleshooting is done remotely.


Equity Leader Lab
The Equity Leader Lab (EL-Labs) convenes EOS partner districts and school Equity Team members to develop and adopt the policies, practices and mindsets to sustain equity in support of historically marginalized student success.


What ELL participant are saying:

“Looking at data from a student perspective isn’t something we are typically doing. Sometimes we think something is working or going well and students feel differently. That was a huge eye-opener to understand what’s working.” – Pilot EL-Labs Member

“Try to cultivate a spirit of AP humility. Previously I would have 1 or 2 students of color, and most of my students had similar life experiences to me. Now I have one student who isn’t a student of color now I approach this class, I’m ignorant of the expertise that students bring to the class. How can we use the context of the text to help learn from each other. Conversations with fellow teachers and the data has helped.” – Pilot EL-Labs Member

“Tried to be very reflective during this process. Figure out what’s working and what’s not. For AP next year what am I going to do differently? Made me see things in a different way. Strategies I’ve never thought about. I was reflective and flexible. Trying something new/different.” – Pilot EL-Labs Member


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