The Action For Equity (A4E) multi-phase model is designed to help you build equity and sustainability at the highest levels of your academic course offerings. A4E is your road map to ensuring that your students, and particularly students of color and low-income students, have access to and success in your most academically intense high school programs.


Access Opportunity: Designed to increase participation rates in AP/IB classes for students of color and low-income students while transforming school culture and adult mindsets. Through implementation of the program, following the Partnership Director’s guidance and the use of the tools provided, schools’ AP/IB programs have increased enrollments by tens of thousands of AP/IB students of color and low-income students while actively partnering with EOS. Download PDF


Experience Success: Designed to support students of color and low-income students towards a successful experience in their first AP/IB course. On average, 80% of partners continue collaborating with EOS from the Access Opportunity phase to the Experience Success phase. Partners are exposed to additional methods and best practices to remove barriers, making the environment more welcoming for first-time students of color and low-income students. Download PDF


Extend Equity: Engages school and district leaders in their equity journey, through a community of practice (Equity Leader Labs (ELLabs)) and the use of EOS data analysis, tools, and reports. Equity Teams participate in the ELLabs, complete between-session developmental activities, and utilize EOS’ data analysis and tools to advance their core partnership work, with access to remote support as needed. Download PDF


Equity Leader Lab: The Equity Leader Labs, a component of the Extend Equity phase, are regionally-based communities of practice designed to strengthen the bridge from implementation to sustainability with the specific focus on building equitable, belonging-rich learning environments. Download PDF


Sustain Equity: Designed for partners who are prepared to take nearly full ownership of the process for closing, and keeping closed, opportunity gaps in AP/IB participation, with remote thought-partnership and support from EOS. Maintaining equity requires ongoing monitoring of participation trends and strategically recruiting students who might otherwise be overlooked for this opportunity to experience a rigorous academic environment. Download PDF


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