Partnering to achieve equity in your school

Equal Opportunity Schools partners with school, district, county, state, and national leaders to close race and income enrollment gaps in AP and IB programs, while also maintaining or increasing the success of these programs.

The process spans four phases, carried out over multiple years. We work closely with our partner schools to gather context, examine critical data from the perspectives of students and staff, create a set of strategies for engagement and advocacy, and ultimately enroll diverse students in AP/IB classes. We support schools in monitoring their growing equitable AP/IB programs for success, sustainability, and student belonging.

Since each individual school starts with a unique baseline and sets their own equity goals, the duration of each phase can vary.

Joining the Equal Opportunity Schools Network

Equal Opportunity Schools selects partner schools and districts from a competitive pool of applicants that are best positioned to make substantive and lasting progress toward closing the AP/IB access gap. Our partnership model is consultative, collaborative, and requires a commitment to specific and measurable results. Our national network consists of nearly 800 schools 250 districts across 33 states.

To be a part of the Equal Opportunity Schools program, we require schools to:

  • have district leadership committed to closing the equity gap found in AP/IB classes.
  • complete a preliminary data submission (used by Equal Opportunity Schools to analyze the potential opportunity for impact).
  • submit a qualitative application addressing existing school and district commitment to equity.

Likely strong partners with have:

  • a demonstrated focus on both equity and quality.
  • a supportive Superintendent and district team.
  • school leaders committed to addressing student needs in innovative ways.
  • alignment of AP/IB equity work to existing district priorities/initiatives.
  • capacity to make the most of Equal Opportunity Schools resources.

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