We’re setting students on a new life trajectory.

Enrolling in AP or IB courses can be life-changing for many underrepresented students—who are low-income, black, and Latino/a (and other races)—and benchmark students—who are medium/high-income, white, and Asian. Equal Opportunity Schools is proud of the tremendous success of our partner districts and schools—and, most importantly, of the students they serve.

Through the implementation and integration of our program, Equal Opportunity Schools has identified 46,000+ low-income students and students of color, from our inception, to enroll in AP or IB courses. During the 2016/17 academic year, we identified 10,446 underrepresented students and 4,780 benchmark students. who are now taking advanced courses and are on the path towards college and career success.

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Student Profile: Jodeci


Student Profile: Carl

Carl is an 11th grader who was in low-level classes despite his capability for advanced course work. When his school participated in Equal Opportunity Schools, Carl successfully upgraded to his school’s most rigorous classes.

Carl“I’ve accomplished things this year that I never thought I could. The truth is that not many people get the chance to move up—Equal Opportunity Schools has given me the chance of a lifetime.”

– Carl


Student Profile: Anna

“I try to get A’s because I know I’m capable of doing it.”

– Anna, 10th Grader, Chicago Metro


Read Anna’s story.

Student Profile: Bruno

“The only regret I have is not taking [AP] earlier in high school.”

– Bruno, 12th Grader, Southern California


Read Bruno’s story.

Student Profile: Cecilia

“Teachers and peers see your grades, and say, ‘Oh, you do really good, you should consider AP,’ and you take that advice because you know them on a personal level and you trust them.”

– Cecilia, 10th Grader, Southern California


Read Cecilia’s story.

Student Profile: Dora

“I am a very good student with a lot of potential.”

– Dora, 11th Grader, Atlanta Metro


Read Dora’s story.

Our partner districts make incredible strides.


Roseville Joint UHSD

Ron Severson“Bottom line…this stuff works! It works because EOS is not a canned program. A consultant works with your sites, with their unique needs and issues, to help them develop and execute a concerted plan to reach students you have not been able to reach before. The strategies vary from school to school. It is more work. And, after the first year, with minimal cost for support from EOS, those plans are still generating results. But, the benefits of our relationship with EOS are almost impossible to put into words.”

– Ron Severson, Superintendent, Roseville Joint UHSD


Sterling High School

Sterling High School has been searching for a systematic way to expand their Advanced Placement Program to reach students they knew we were missing.

“Last year, with the help of EOS we closed our gap and this spring those students will take a school record 490 Advanced Placement tests, up from 321 tests in the spring of 2016. To prepare our students for these exams we have developed a calendar of review sessions and weekend practice test in every one of our 16 courses, this was a suggestion from our surveys with EOS. While closing the gap and increasing our tests given are great, the best part of our EOS partnership is how are new AP students now view themselves as not just college bound, but college prepared.

– Jason Austin, Principal, Sterling Public Schools


Leyden School District 212

Nick Polyak“After working with Equal Opportunity Schools for the past two years, the results for our students at Leyden have been both rewarding and encouraging. Students we have recruited for advanced placement courses have performed as well or better than students who self-selected in both class grades and AP test performance. EOS has helped us instill confidence in our students, change mindsets of families, and most importantly, open the doors of opportunity.”

– Nick Polyak, Superintendent, Leyden School District 212


Indian Prairie District 204

Karen Sullivan“Indian Prairie District 204 has had a long commitment to educational equity. We have worked in partnership with our parents and community to address the achievement gaps evident in our schools. But it is also a moral imperative to close the opportunity and access gaps that exist. Partnering with Equal Opportunity Schools has given us the tools, structure and the coaching necessary to move our schools toward further closing one of those access and opportunity gaps, the Advanced Placement gap, with our underrepresented groups. We simply would not be where we are without this partnership. If a district is serious about this work (and all should be), you will not regret joining hands with EOS.”

– Karen Sullivan, Superintendent, Indian Prairie School District


San Jose Unified School District

San Jose Unified School District more than doubled the number of low-income and minority students in AP and IB with no drop-in AP/IB exam pass rates.

“I recommend Equal Opportunity Schools to other Superintendents because of their substantial impact on equity and college readiness for all students—and their efficiency in getting this critical work done.”

– Don Iglesias, Superintendent, San Jose Unified School District


Federal Way School District

Federal Way School District has more than doubled the number of low-income and minority student in AP with no negative impact on test scores.

Josh Garcia

“Equal Opportunity Schools helped us go from good to great in our ability to challenge kids.”

– Dr. Joshua Garcia, Deputy Superintendent, Federal Way School District


Dorothy Kennedy

“Finding all our missing students with Equal Opportunity Schools was the highlight of my forty-year career as a teacher and principal.”

– Dorothy Kennedy, Principal



Campbell Union High School

Campbell Union High School District is closing its enrollment gaps in Branham High School this year and is quickly moving toward district-wide implementation.

“I’m happy to talk with other Superintendents about the great work of Equal Opportunity Schools. Their team values our existing efforts and success. They’ve given us tools and information and achievable ways for us to improve by building on what’s already working well in Campbell Union High School District.”

– Pat Gaffney, former Superintendent