Meet our dedicated team of change-makers.

The Equal Opportunity Schools team works collaboratively to disrupt race and income disparities in our public education systems, harnessing our diverse experiences and skill-sets to increase opportunities afforded to students of color and low-income students.

Meet our senior leadership team

The senior leadership team sets and implements the strategic direction for the organization and ensures that Equal Opportunity Schools works effectively to implement our strategy, learning as we go. The team takes responsibility for creating an empowering, inclusive, and inspirational culture which fosters engagement, growth and development, and sustainability across the organization.

The senior directors also lead their departments execution of initiatives, filling staffing requirements, and ensuring the Equal Opportunity Schools ecosystem runs smoothly. Each of the senior directors are experts in their field and bring a vast knowledgebase to Equal Opportunity Schools. Collectively, they drive their teams to build, improve, manage, and evangelize everything that is Equal Opportunity Schools.

Deb Merle
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Sasha Rabkin
Chief Strategy Officer
Kia Franklin
Chief Program Officer
Gary Flowers
Chief Information Officer
Eddie Lincoln
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives
Bernadette Merikle
Senior Director, Strategy for Racial Equity Impact

Meet our partnership team.

The Partnership Directors and Partnership Associates are high-performing, equity-minded leaders who work in tandem with partner school districts and individual schools on implementing and integrating the Equal Opportunity Schools model into the operations and culture of each school. The partnership team provides tailored coaching and strategies to expand access to AP and IB courses.

Partnership team directory

Meet our strategic initiatives team.

The Strategic Initiatives department manages the application process for all incoming Equal Opportunity Schools partners and maintains relationships with continuing partners in order to best support their ongoing work. The members of the Strategic Initiatives team collaborate with districts and leaders across the nation as they learn about the Equal Opportunity Schools model and about their own systems of equity and opportunity. Districts are guided through the process of determining mutual fit and selection into the partner cohort through qualitative and quantitative submissions. The Strategic Initiatives team is available to speak to interested leaders to explore possible partnerships.

Strategic initiatives team directory

Meet our product team.

The Program team is comprised of a broad set of skilled individuals including software developers, business and report analysts, and data collection and support analysts. Collectively, the team is instrumental in the identification, development, rollout and ongoing management of program products, features, and tools. The team works collaboratively with the Partnership Team and District partners to ensure that data and program deliverables are available and provide product and analytical support to enable program execution and make sure Clients are on-track to achieve their equity goals.

Product team directory

Meet our effectiveness and learning team.

The Effectiveness and Learning team seeks to increase Equal Opportunity Schools’ impact through applied research and analysis, continuous improvement, and large-scale intervention development. Using these approaches, the team works to develop organizational learning, improve client-facing tools and services, and share relevant learnings with diverse stakeholders. Team members bring a commitment to equity together with research toolkits from the learning sciences, youth development, and community engagement and to improve AP and IB access and experiences for students of color and low-income students.

Effectiveness and learning team directory

Meet our operations team.

The operations team consists of members who wear multiple hats to provide cross-functional support to all Equal Opportunity Schools departments. These functions reach beyond the control and safeguarding of company finances and budgeting to include human resources, business operations, information technology, administrative services and facilities management. A focus on building strong partnerships with clients, external vendors, internal departments, and leadership ensures a smooth execution of mission critical work.

Operations team directory