How EOS ensures equitable access to education for all students

Equal Opportunity Schools is excited to be featured on Box Blogs ‘Make Mom Proud’ spotlight series.

Through this series, Box will be highlighting the amazing work of the Box community who work hard, day in, and day out, to make the world a better place. Today, a conversation with Dr. Sasha Rabkin, Chief Strategy Officer at Equal Opportunity Schools highlighting how EOS is working tirelessly to close the classroom equity gap that negatively impacts students of color & low-income students.

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Byron Garrett to join Niko Brim on Instagram

Byron Garrett, CEO, Equal Opportunity Schools, has been invited to speak live with Recording Artist Niko Brim, via IG today (6.23.20) at 3:20pm (pacific)/6:20pm (eastern).

Niko has created a space for social impact leaders like him to connect about current events and key pillars, including community, education, wellness, business, and justice via his a special week-long IGTV and YouTube conversation series.

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