An Equal Opportunity Schools & Kingmakers of Oakland Initiative

Equal Opportunity Schools’ Interim CEO Eddie Lincoln along with Kingmakers of Oakland CEO Chris Chatmon proudly announce their NBA Foundation one-year award.

Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) has built a one-of-a-kind analytics infrastructure and set of expertise around the development and measurement of equitable academic pathways. The EOS Data Analytics and tools, along with dynamic professional coaching and engagement, have positioned EOS as a national leader in the operationalizing of commitments to racial equity at scale.

Kingmakers of Oakland (KOO) and CEO, Chris Chatmon, have developed and honed a liberatory system for the development of whole and thriving education systems that support young black men. The KOO Collaborative and KOO Six Drivers serve as powerful examples of what the transformation of systems looks like when it serves those furthest from the center first.

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