We’re setting students on a new life trajectory

Enrolling in AP/IB/AICE courses can be life-changing for many underrepresented students—students of color and low-income students. Equal Opportunity Schools is proud of the tremendous success of our partner districts and schools—and, most importantly, of the students they serve.

Through the implementation and integration of our program, Equal Opportunity Schools has partnered with nearly 800 schools 250 districts across 33 states and have added tens of thousands of students of color and low-income students to college readiness class enrollments. Below is a map of our geographic reach by district and school partners, by state (2020-21 school year).

School Partners by State
District Partners by State
School Partners by State
District Partners by State














Our goal is to continue to increase our in-state portfolio of partner school districts, while expanding our footprint to new states and school districts to increase access and opportunity for low-income and students of color to participate in their high school’s rigorous courses.

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The students we reach succeed and thrive

Student Profile: Jodeci

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