A Space of Learning and Collaboration: Reflections from the 2024 National Conference on Education

By Autumn Robinson, Manager of Operations and Sales Analytics

What is it that Aaron Burr says in Hamilton: An American Musical

Ah yes – “I wanna be in the room where it happens.”

I can’t think of any other way to better describe the AASA National Conference on Education, which our team attended last week in San Diego. This is not a conference anyone would want to miss, because it truly is the meeting ground for innovation and passion in the education space. 

It is a room full of collaborative leaders seeking to engage in thought partnership that collectively elevates the work we are all seeking to do in education. It serves as an amazing reminder that the work of EOS is meant to platform the initiatives that districts prioritize for the success of their students. 

From the brief exchanges to the long conversations over food, the desire to learn is so clear in every individual at the conference. It honestly inspires me that we have so many compassionate leaders championing the charge for creating safe and equitable learning environments for our youth. 

Impactful change is made in tandem. Whether you are a vendor, school district leader, or community member – the work we do begins with relationships. Identifying a common goal and strategizing ways to achieve it together is what cultivates the types of learning environments that plant the seeds for our future changemakers. 

As we continue to grow as an organization, these opportunities to learn from those on the ground level is paramount in achieving our goals to positively influence the advanced academic space.  

AASA is a conference rooted in inspiring a joint effort in all those who attend and a collaboration that centers students in everything we do. I am looking forward to the ways that the perspectives and insights shared from our partners, as well as our new connections, will inform the way EOS moves forward.

Check out Autumn’s recap of the conference here: