We are a resource for school and district leaders.

Equal Opportunity Schools works with school districts of all sizes. We are here to help you better serve students of color and low-income students and improve the accessibility of advanced learning classes. We provide tools, such as a gaps chart analysis, equity pathways report, and beginning and end of year student/administrator surveys, to go along with shared best practices from more than 600 schools 200 districts across 30 states, and offer support to make equity a district priority and improve access to rigorous courses.

Districts accepted into the program are assigned an Equal Opportunity Schools Partnership Director (PD), who will support you in the implementation of the program. We provide the resources, information, and confidence so you can lead successful change efforts.

Your participation makes our work successful.

Our approach cannot succeed without the support of district superintendents, school principals, and classroom teachers who commit to changing entrenched cultures and finding the students lost in their own hallways. We work with:


Superintendents set the priorities and tone for the entire district. We help superintendents understand systemic barriers for students of color and low-income students within the district. We provide tools, best practices, and support to make equity a district priority and improve access to AP/IB courses.

District Leaders

District leaders play a crucial role in implementing systemic change across school districts. We work closely with district leaders to create avenues for developing AP/IB readiness metrics across the district to affect real, tangible change in one year that shifts the way school leaders view students.


Students and teachers alike look to principals to establish the culture and direction of a school. We help school principals to realize a higher sense of what’s possible in their school buildings; help staff reflect on their values to create a shared school identity around AP readiness; and create a shared culture of encouragement school-wide.

Data Contacts

The Data Contact will be responsible for submitting several data files to EOS throughout the school year. We work data contacts to establish a timeline to submit data transfers and conduct updates.

School Educators

Teachers are the ones on the front lines who inspire students every day and encourage high levels of achievement. We help school educators identify the potential of students who are sometimes overlooked because of implicit biases within school systems.

Executive Assistants

Executive Assistants have direct access to the Superintendent and their calendar, ensuring ease of scheduling phone calls and meetings with the assigned PD.


At the end of the day, we are all here to serve the students and promote their success. We elevate student voices, help them realize their potential, and push them beyond the limits they’ve set for themselves.