Data Management Lead

During her undergraduate, Yuna discovered her passion for education through working with the Partnership in Unlimited Educational Opportunities (PUEO), where she had the opportunity to teach and connect with rising middle schoolers from underrepresented communities for four years. She was also an Administrative Assistant for a tutoring company, supporting families with students who had learning differences. Her degree in Psychology has allowed her to connect the dots on the systems and structures that effect students of color, while also uncovering the research-based data that allows such systems to exist.

As a former PUEO scholar, Yuna has had firsthand account on the solid and transformative work that nonprofits do. She sees herself in the students she works with, and understands the struggles they encounter. Through EOS, she wishes to fulfill the mission and reach as many missing students to help them realize their full potential.

Yuna is new to the Pacific Northwest and enjoys exploring its undeniable beauty. She also enjoys a good pun.

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