Quality Assurance Analyst

My previous work in education was at Baker Ripley, a nonprofit based in Houston, helping to run their Head Start program. I was the Data Management Specialist, my responsibilities included choosing children for the program, teaching staff how to use ChildPlus and assisting IT with managing the 500+ laptops that the staff used. I learned first-hand how great Head Start is and how much it helps children of color and low-income families keep them safe, happy and on the path to success.

I joined EOS due to my deep-rooted desire to help others that are less fortunate and to work for the betterment of people of color. I enjoyed interviewing with them more than any other organization I spoke to at the time. At the end of the interview process, I knew that I had found kindred spirits and an organization that wanted the same things I did. After thinking it over for a few days I knew this was the place for me.

I am a passionate fan of Chelsea FC, reading, disc golf, video games and music. My favorite foods are pasta, pho, and French toast. My all-time favorite book series are Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

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