Office Manager, Strategy

My background is not in education, but office administration and finance. I went to Seattle Vocational Institute in the Central District of Seattle and graduated with a certificate in Computerized Accounting, while working in a call center, and reception and being a single parent of one. After graduating, I started working in finance doing AP/AR, collections then moved into payroll where I stayed for several years. I really missed working with people, and no longer enjoyed the numbers game so I decided to change directions to more of an administrative/office role with only some finance related work. Now, I try to leave the numbers to others!

I joined Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) because of the mission! I believe the good work being done for equality in school systems is essential for the future of black, brown, and low-income people to close the wealth gap in the US. At this point, it must start with the children. If my part to play to assist in achieving success in that good work is Office Manager, it will be my pleasure! My hope is to allow others to focus more on their core responsibilities and lean on me for office support. I am also looking forward to growing in and with EOS. Opportunity and growth are here at EOS and that is amazing as well.

I am 3rd generation Seattleite, from the Rainier Valley. Attended Rainier Beach High and am so excited to see the work that folks are currently putting into our community. To know in my own small way, I am making a difference to effect change makes me feel so proud. I also apricate that this is the first organization that I have worked with where I can be my authentic self. Priceless! GO HAWKS!

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