Senior Director of Strategy

Alison’s experience and passion for equitable education span both coasts, most recently in the South Bronx as a peer collaborative teacher in humanities. She has a strong background in facilitation for students and for school staff, as well as in building and strengthening systems for learning, digital communications, and data use in school and community settings. Recognized by Big Picture Learning and the Coalition of Essential Schools, her projects and presentations focus on real-world learning, asking students to use modern tools to solve real-world problems in their classrooms that were relevant to their lives.

Alison also brings research and teaching experience with college-preparatory programs like SEO Scholars in NYC and Rainier Scholars in Seattle, where she worked with students in rigorous out-of-school programs. Her work specifically focused on achievement and acculturation for African American students in Advanced Placement / Independent school programs.

Alison’s experience with public schools, college prep programs for underserved students, and desire to see equity for all young people led her to her current work with Equal Opportunity Schools. In her free time, she serves on the board of Museum Without Walls, an organization that leads students and adults on “living history” trips to the American South and abroad. Alison received her Bachelors in English from Earlham College, and has a MA in Education from Columbia University.

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