Data Support Analyst

Mollye is coming to EOS from a biology background. At the University of Washington, where she got her bachelor’s degree, she conducted research in a plant biology lab that studied hormonal signaling and how robust and redundant systems could be altered, in both how signals are sent and perceived, to change the fate of a plant.

At EOS she is excited to continue doing research in a similar framework to understand the education system and how altering signals that are sent to and perceived by students can influence the opportunities that are available to them. Mollye discovered her love of working with youth and passion for education through tutoring at Seattle Public Schools in tandem with taking education seminars around topics that illuminated the many inequities within our system through an organization called The Pipeline Project. In her senior year, she worked as the Campus Engagement & Data Assessment intern for The Pipeline Project, where she learned about the power of survey-based data.

In addition to education and biology, Mollye is interested in understanding how outdoor education can be connected to environmental stewardship and justice. In her free time, you might find Mollye on a hike, roller blading around one of Seattle’s amazing city trails, or reading a good book.

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