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I am Thomas Kirkley, a native of Charlotte NC and I am a proud graduate of North A&T State University where I majored in Electrical Engineering and Math. After college, I worked in corporate America for 8 years as a Sr. Marketing Engineer for Rockwell Automation. After the 9/11 tragedy, my company downsized all of the Marketing departments within the organization, and I began my journey in education as a HS Mathematics teacher and MS Mathematics teacher in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. After 11 years as a teacher, I received my Masters in Curriculum, Supervision and School Administration and became a District Specialist in Math for all Title 1 schools for 5 years. After my assignment with the district office, I started my journey in School Administration as a Dean of Students and an Assistant Principal at my alma mater for 7 years before joining the EOS family.

The reason that I joined the EOS family is to continue the work of making sure that all children that look like me have access to an equitable and fair education across all subject areas. I was the “overlooked” student in high school and the person that believed in my academic abilities helped propel me to the man that I am today.

I am a proud husband and father of 2 daughters and 1 son which is the core of my being. My family encourages me to do great things in my community and they all know that education is the cornerstone of why my love for children continues. I am a North Carolina native who loves the UNC Tarheels, the Carolina Panthers and the greatest HBCU on the planet – NC A&T State University. I am a die-hard music lover and I love all genres of music. My hobbies include traveling, entertaining family, and exploring different restaurants and DJing at local events in the Charlotte area.

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