Partnership Manager

Stasha joins Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) with a Master’s in Education, fifteen years in the classroom as an art teacher, and experience revamping and supervising a college level TRIO program. It’s her belief that “the educational experience is, undoubtedly, one of the most influential parts of a person’s life.” A few defining moments for Stasha include receiving a memorial scholarship from her elementary teacher to attend a college-for-kids program, a middle school teacher who advocated for her to be accepted in the accelerated learning program when she had previously been overlooked, and a faculty member whose personal bias posed as a hurdle during her high school enrollment process.

Experiences like these were monumental in fueling Stasha’s passion for art, education, and equity. Passions that have led her to spend over twenty years in the education sector, inspired her to volunteer years of service to equity-focused organizations, and ultimately brought her to Equal Opportunity Schools. As a former educator, Stasha is especially drawn to EOS’ ability to provide a more holistic picture of individual students while committing to the implementation of an equitable and sustainable approach to fostering student success.

In her spare time, Stasha enjoys immersing herself in various cultures through food, art, and music. Her favorite pastimes are traveling with her family, attending concerts, and creating visual art.

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