Partnership Manager

Sade Britt

Born and raised in south Seattle, Sade saw first-hand the devastating effects of school segregation, and the extremely limited access to critical, high-performance courses it causes, through the people closest to her. She’s seen how one “I’m not really sure that college is an option for you” or “Who told you that you belonged in this class?” can change not only the trajectory of a student’s life, but the lives of the generations behind them.

Sade plans to dedicate her career to being a champion for the students that don’t “belong”— and is extremely excited about doing her part in ensuring that these black and brown students get the education and support that they deserve.

Sade most recently worked for TAF (formerly Technology Access Foundation), an organization dedicated to equipping students for success in college and in life through the power of interdisciplinary STEM education and supportive relationships.

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