Partnership Director

Jessica knew early on that her career would be entirely based in education. She began her teaching career as a third-grade math teacher in the rural Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of her maternal great-grandparents. After moving to New Orleans, Jessica’s love of math and classroom culture led her to become a grade level chair, school and team culture coach, and math curriculum writer. She continued her work in education as a Director of Talent Recruitment for a network of high schools, recruiting and retaining high quality teachers and Black teachers who play a major role in student belonging and school culture.

Jessica joined EOS as it directly aligns to her own lived experiences in school and the multitude of ways she’s seen underrepresented students not receive equitable opportunities in schools. Having taken AP History in high school which led her to major in college, Jessica was the only Black student within that class and relates to how student belonging and have a major impact on student access to AP and IB classes.

Jessica earned a Bachelor of Arts in History & Spanish from The Ohio State University and a Master of Science in Reading Education from the University of Kansas. You can always look to Jessica for a new book or podcast suggestion and ask her about the new recipe she’s trying out.

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