Partnership Director

Erika began her teaching career in Baltimore, Maryland after graduating from Dartmouth College with majors in Sociology and African and African American Studies and a minor in Human Development and Education. She taught Middle School Social Studies, specifically World Geography and United States History at an all-boys private school. During her time as a Middle School teacher, Erika redesigned classroom curriculum and reimagined classroom instruction to center student voices and experiences. She strongly believes that students who are empowered to see themselves in their curriculum and are centered will have high success. She then earned her Master’s of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. From here, Erika worked in a college access role where she worked to get Baltimore City students applying to, enrolling in, and then graduating from higher institutions.

Erika realized a significant gap and disconnect in the rigor of course selection offerings and the aspirations of her students. It resonated with her own upbringing as a New York City native and a student at a Washington Heights Title I public school, where resources were limited and students heavily advocated for advanced courses. She is excited to work with Equal Opportunity Schools to help tackle systemic issues plaguing school systems across the United States. She hopes to assist school districts in better understanding student needs and allowing all students, regardless of background, to recognize and meet their full potential.

Erika comes from a Latinx home, both of her parents are from the Dominican Republic, and she is a first-generation American and college graduate. Surely, she is a baseball fan and roots for the Yankees! She also enjoys being outdoors, staying active (despite three knee surgeries), traveling, and expanding her food palette!

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