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After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree from Jackson State University, I began my career as a high school English and Reading teacher in South Florida. Upon relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina, I served as a middle school assistant principal, a middle and high school Literacy Coach, and most recently, a high school assistant principal. As a former teacher and assistant principal, I had a behind-the-scenes view of the true need for a focus on equity in education for black and brown students. I saw a dire need to support students in navigating systems that oftentimes were not designed for their success. Systems that I was forced to navigate on my own, as a high school student. Moreover, I saw a need to ensure educators understood the role they play in the success of their students.

During my time as an assistant principal, I had an opportunity to serve as an EOS Site Administrator for my school. The milestones I was able to accomplish with the support of EOS and my Partnership Directors was life-changing. I was able to work with staff in understanding the role their biases and mindsets play in the trajectory of black and brown students. Most importantly, we began to see high level course access gaps closing. It is truly an honor to now serve as a Partnership Director with a company that puts equity in education at the forefront. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.

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