Senior Partnership Director

Danielle Knox

Limited access to education opportunities fueled Danielle’s drive for educational justice. As a student in a rural school district, she and her fellow peers were consistently denied access to advanced coursework. At the beginning of her teaching career, Danielle quickly realized that without an education champion, students simply fell through the cracks. For this reason, she became committed to disrupting the institutional barriers to student access and success.

Before joining EOS, Danielle worked as a high school teacher for six years, spending the last two years as an educator within Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). During her tenure in CMS, she worked as an EOS Equity Team Lead, to increase the number of students in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Danielle led equity initiatives to ensure the sustainably of AP access, enrollment, and success for students of color and those living in low-income households.

Danielle earned a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management & Business Administration from East Carolina University, a Master of Arts in Teaching from UNC-Charlotte, and a post-graduate certificate in School Administration from UNC-Charlotte.

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