Meet our Partnership Development team.

The Partnership Development department manages the application process for all incoming Equal Opportunity Schools partners and maintains relationships with continuing partners in order to best support their ongoing work. The members of the Partnership Development team collaborate with districts and leaders across the nation as they learn about the Equal Opportunity Schools Action For Equity (A4E) partnership model and about their own systems of equity and opportunity. Districts are guided through the process of determining mutual fit and selection into the partner cohort through qualitative and quantitative submissions. The Partnership Development team is available to speak to interested leaders to explore possible partnerships.

Dolores Caamano
Senior Director, Partnership Development
Penny Cash Rogers
Sales Retention and Support Specialist, Partnership Development
Paul DeAngelis
Sales Director, Partnership Development

Azizi Dotson
Director of Client Relations, Partnership Development
Tofa McCormick
Tofa McCormick
Director of Marketing
Mike Neubig
Sales Director, Partnership Development

Autumn Robinson
Manager, Operations and Outreach, Partnership Development
Jasson Roppolo
Vice President of Sales, Partnership Development
Cate Weisweaver
Operations Manager, Partnership Development



Chris Belcher
Dr. Chris Belcher
Dr. John Ramos
Ron Severson
Dr. Mike Conner

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