Manager, Partnership Operations

Lovye Allen comes to EOS as the Executive Assistant to Partnership. She is extremely passionate about the education and well-being of our young people and she strives to help them to see their fullest potential, set goals for their future, and assist them in achieving those goals despite their socio-economic status.

Previously, Lovye worked in the non-profit sector for three years as a program manager focusing mostly on building/creating programs for senior citizens in the community and helping build the foundation of the ultimate teen warehouse where kids come for just about anything you could possibly imagine that helps set them up for success as students and citizens within the community.

Lovye decided to move to the Seattle area last summer after visiting a friend for a week and falling in love with the PEACE it brought about from the amazing views and fresh air. She’s excited to be joining an organization that aligns with her passion of helping the underrepresented young people in communities around the US.

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