Meet our operations team.

The operations team consists of members who wear multiple hats to provide cross-functional support to all Equal Opportunity Schools departments. These functions reach beyond the control and safeguarding of company finances and budgeting to include human resources, business operations, information technology, administrative services and facilities management. A focus on building strong partnerships with clients, external vendors, internal departments, and leadership ensures a smooth execution of mission critical work.

Lovye Allen
Lovye Allen
Executive Assistant to the CPO
Laiteisha Dobbins
Director of Communications
Jenniffer Ford
Executive Office Assistant, Operations

Rachel Gooneratne
Manager Strategic Operations
Tofa McCormick
Tofa McCormick
Director of Marketing
Dorothy Miranda
Director of Marketing-Communications, Programs

Leslie St. Pierre
Director, Executive Operations
Cate Weisweaver
Executive Assistant, Partnership Development

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