Meet our senior leadership team

The senior leadership team sets and implements the strategic direction for the organization and ensures that Equal Opportunity Schools works effectively to implement our strategy, learning as we go. The team takes responsibility for creating an empowering, inclusive, and inspirational culture which fosters engagement, growth and development, and sustainability across the organization.

Dr. Tracey Conrad
Chief Program Officer
Andrew Cooper
Vice President of Technology
Wing Leung
Eddie Lincoln
Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Melton
Chief Financial and Operations Officer
Kelly Orehovec
Senior Human Resources Director
Jessica Paulson
Jessica Paulson
Senior Director, Reporting, Analytics & Impact
German Philips
Senior Director of Client Services and IT
Dr. Sasha Rabkin
Jasson Roppolo
Vice President of Sales, Partnership Development
Leslie St. Pierre
Director, Executive Operations
Larry Swayne
Senior Director of Communications

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