Meet our senior leadership team

The senior leadership team sets and implements the strategic direction for the organization and ensures that Equal Opportunity Schools works effectively to implement our strategy, learning as we go. The team takes responsibility for creating an empowering, inclusive, and inspirational culture which fosters engagement, growth and development, and sustainability across the organization.

The senior directors also lead their departments execution of initiatives, filling staffing requirements, and ensuring the Equal Opportunity Schools ecosystem runs smoothly. Each of the senior directors are experts in their field and bring a vast knowledgebase to Equal Opportunity Schools. Collectively, they drive their teams to build, improve, manage, and evangelize everything that is Equal Opportunity Schools.

Byron V. Garrett
Chief Executive Officer
Evelyn D. Taylor
Chief Operations Officer
Dr. Sasha Rabkin
Chief Strategy Officer
Kia Franklin
Chief Program Officer
Gary Flowers
Chief Information Officer
Eddie Lincoln
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives
Bernadette Merikle
Senior Director, Strategy for Racial Equity Impact

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