Partnership Managing Director Alison Gazarek Featured Panelist at Education Week’s Virtual STEM Summit

This week, Managing Director Alison Gazarek was a featured panelist at an online summit hosted by @educationweek. Panelists tackled the challenges of getting more students of color involved in STEM fields and the role schools play in making that happen.

Alison Gazarek Bio

The next generation of computer science leaders

Last year, through a $10M Google.org grant, the Kapor Center and Equal Opportunity Schools, alongside many other organizations, launched the Rising STEM Scholars initiative to place and support 3,000 students of color and low income students in Bay Area AP STEM and CS classrooms.

“Black+ and Latinx+ students who take advanced computer science (CS) in high school are 7–8 times more likely to major in CS in college.”

“…lower income schools are 4X less likely to offer CS learning opportunities.”

“In California, Black+, Latinx+, and American Indian/Alaska Native students make up 60% of the overall school population but only 15% of Advanced Placement CS A test-takers.”

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