2 in 5 Black and Latino students say they really enjoy #STEM courses

2 in 5 Black and Latino students say they really enjoy #STEM courses and aspire to go to college, but less that 3 percent are enrolling in STEM courses.

Education Trust teamed up with Equal Opportunity Schools to look specifically at access to AP STEM courses. Access the report below or contact us to learn more about the findings and how a partnership can increase participation by your Black and Latino students.

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The Education Trust teamed up with Equal Opportunity Schools to look specifically at access to AP STEM courses

Collectively, We analyzed student survey data, administrative school files, school course enrollment, and interviewed 10 school leaders and educators across six districts.

We found that many aspiring young Black and Latino students across the nation show a love for #science early on and express an interest in pursuing it as a career. They want to discover something new, to make a difference, and to help their families & their communities, like @KizzyPhD.

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SHUT OUT: Black and Latino Students and Students from Low-Income Backgrounds are Denied Access to AP STEM Opportunities

A new study from The Education Trust finds students voice interest and college aspirations in STEM but are excluded from AP STEM courses

WASHINGTON — Despite students saying that STEM courses are their favorite subject areas and that they aspire to go to college, Black and Latino students and students from low-income backgrounds continue to be excluded from crucial learning opportunities available through AP STEM courses, according to a new report from Education Trust and Equity Opportunity Schools, Shut Out: Why Black and Latino Students are Under-Enrolled in AP STEM Courses.

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Dr. Sasha Rabkin Becomes President of Equal Opportunity Schools

Seattle, WA – Equal Opportunity School’s Interim President and Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Sasha Rabkin, became the official President of the organization on March 1, 2022. Rabkin’s appointment as EOS’ new President follows his integral role in developing the organization’s strategic plan, which will guide its work over the next three to five years.

Dr. Sasha Rabkin

“As Interim President, Rabkin has played a significant role in EOS’ strategic planning process and has been the organization’s primary fundraiser,” EOS’ CEO Eddie Lincoln remarks. “He has undoubtedly earned this moment in his professional career. As one of EOS’s longest-tenured staff members, he has led the organization through some of its most vital projects.”

“I cannot be prouder and more excited to continue serving EOS during this tremendous moment in education history.” Rabkin expresses. “The EOS team is dynamic, inspiring, and powerful. I am honored to be on this journey with them.”

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Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity’s Virtual Conference will feature Dr. Sasha Rabkin

EOS Interim President & Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Sasha Rabkin’s to present “Reconceptualizing the Future of Assessment” at Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity’s Virtual Conference, June 16, between 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CDT.

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