EOS and KOO Awarded NBA Foundation Grant To Increase Access, Support & Economic Empowerment for Black High Schoolers Nationwide

Thanks to the NBA’s investment, Equal Opportunity Schools and Kingmakers of Oakland announced they received a generous grant from the NBA Foundation to empower Black youth, school districts, and equity-focused education organizations in three NBA markets: Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans.

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Equal Opportunity Schools Partners with Google.org’s ‘Rising STEM Scholars Initiative’ to Elevate AP Experience for 2,000+ low-income and students of color in the Bay Area

Collaboration with Kapor Center, Kingmakers of Oakland, and DonorsChoose Allows Students Access to High-Quality Resources & Peer-to-Peer Support

Equal Opportunities Schools, DonorsChoose, Kapor Center, Kingmakers of Oakland, and now Fiveable are partnering with Google.org to help Bay Area schools expand the enrollment and success of low-income and students of color in AP STEM courses. Teachers at participating schools will be able to post projects on DonorsChoose that will be fully funded by Google.org, while funds last.

From pencils to 3-D printers, with DonorsChoose and the Rising STEM Scholars program, you can request anything you need to enrich your students’ STEM experience at school. If you can imagine it, you can make a request for a classroom project.

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Belonging Now: A Virtual Mindset Scholars Network Briefing

On August 13th, Mindset Scholars Network hosted Belonging Now: New Insights from Research and Practice, a virtual briefing featuring remarks from leaders at Beloved Community, EL Education, Equal Opportunity Schools, Kingmakers of Oakland, and from MSN Scholar DeLeon Gray.

Presenters discussed the structures and conditions that are needed to support adolescents’ sense of belonging in this unique moment, as school systems are planning for an uncertain return to school and reckoning with our nation’s history of systemic racism.

“As we focus on belonging in schooling,” DeLeon said, “we have to center race in the conversation, because in every way, the strivings of historically marginalized populations in this country have been about belonging in society. Schools have the opportunity to replicate societal injustices or to change the world from the inside out.”

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