Webinar: Funding Equity

From Title IX Funds to CARES Act Funds, there are creative ways to fund equity initiatives that advocate for your student’s success. Your district has access to more than you may know when it comes to paying for the partnerships you need to see your students reach their highest potential. Register to Watch Now.






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Webinar: Data in Action

Your students are more than just a number. Come and explore EOS’ proprietary tools that will help you put together the puzzle pieces that comprise your students experiences and that go beyond their academic performance, supporting you in your goal of seeing your students succeed. Register to Watch Now.






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Student Profile: Elliana

Over a two-year span, this Northern Illinois High School, in partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), expanded their AP program by 20%. Elliana entered 10th grade at this Northern IL High School believing that her current courses weren’t challenging enough. The EOS/high school partnership provided the encouragement that Elliana needed and a staff member recommended Elliana for an AP class that same year 🎉.

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Student Profile: Dora

As an incoming 10th grader in the Atlanta Metro School District, Dora was concerned that her courses weren’t challenging and wanted to take upper-level courses. The Atlanta metro school district where Dora attends school has been in a partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools for two academic years. In that time, the district has expanded its AP program enrollments by 20 percent! 🎉 We will always strive to show our partner students their true potential.

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