Partnership Development Regional Director Dr. Nick Wahl will deliver a session at the Education Active Summit

Dr. Nick Wahl of Equal Opportunity Schools will present a session at the Education Active Summit, sponsored by the Education Activism Collective. The summit will teach strategies on shifting the narrative of education today. Join Dr. Wahl’s session on Wednesday, June 23, at 10 AM PDT.

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A Conversation About Equal Opportunity with Dr. Nick Wahl

SFS’s Dr. Dianna Whitlock has a conversation with Dr. Nick Wahl, the Regional Director of the Strategic Initiatives Team for Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), about how to create equal learning opportunities for all students.

Interestingly enough, of 50,000 teachers interviewed across the country, the greatest predictors of success were student interest and student motivation. The lowest predictors? Students’ GPAs and test scores, which are gatekeepers—keeping capable students out of more challenging courses. In working with these high schools, Dr. Wahl and his team identify barriers to these programs and aim to knock them down to prevent further gatekeeping from deserving and motivated students, regardless of their background.

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