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EOS featured on Student Experience Research Network’s Inaugural Spotlight Series featuring organizations making research-based change in education.

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Belonging Now: A Virtual Mindset Scholars Network Briefing

On August 13th, Mindset Scholars Network hosted Belonging Now: New Insights from Research and Practice, a virtual briefing featuring remarks from leaders at Beloved Community, EL Education, Equal Opportunity Schools, Kingmakers of Oakland, and from MSN Scholar DeLeon Gray.

Presenters discussed the structures and conditions that are needed to support adolescents’ sense of belonging in this unique moment, as school systems are planning for an uncertain return to school and reckoning with our nation’s history of systemic racism.

“As we focus on belonging in schooling,” DeLeon said, “we have to center race in the conversation, because in every way, the strivings of historically marginalized populations in this country have been about belonging in society. Schools have the opportunity to replicate societal injustices or to change the world from the inside out.”

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