Student Profile: Elliana

Over a two-year span, this Northern Illinois High School, in partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), expanded their AP program by 20%. Elliana entered 10th grade at this Northern IL High School believing that her current courses weren’t challenging enough. The EOS/high school partnership provided the encouragement that Elliana needed and a staff member recommended Elliana for an AP class that same year 🎉.

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Student Profile: Dora

As an incoming 10th grader in the Atlanta Metro School District, Dora was concerned that her courses weren’t challenging and wanted to take upper-level courses. The Atlanta metro school district where Dora attends school has been in a partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools for two academic years. In that time, the district has expanded its AP program enrollments by 20 percent! 🎉 We will always strive to show our partner students their true potential.

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