ACTION FOR EQUITY PHASE 2: Experience Success

80% of Districts Renew.

As your district moves toward a Fall in which – perhaps for the first time – its student diversity will be fully reflected in AP/IB, we are committed to providing the support your team needs to ensure their long-term success. The Experience Success support level seamlessly continues with a level of in-person support similar to what your team experienced previously and builds upon the set of strategies deployed to enable sustained impact for underrepresented students’ participation and success in AP/IB coursework.

We recommend you continue to engage regularly with an assigned Partnership Director, in addition to accessing our full suite of data tools. This service level is detailed below. Request your Collaboration Agreement (CA) today. Renewals due April 13, 2018.


Acceptance into the cohort is a competitive process, so secure your spot by applying now. To schedule a call on your partnership status, with recommended next steps, select the “Schedule Partnership Review” button below and we’ll respond with available dates.

If you are ready to renew now, select the “Renew Partnership Now” button and fill out the renewal contact form (6 questions). Your Collaboration Agreement (CA) will be emailed for review, along with directions on accepting, modifying, and returning the signed CA.

If you still have additional questions, please contact us.

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