Equal Opportunity Schools Announces Two New Board Members

Seattle, WA – Today, Equal Opportunity Schools, a Seattle-based national nonprofit announced that Joanne Harrell (former CEO of United Way of King County and Microsoft’s current Senior Director of U.S. Citizenship and Market Development) of Seattle, WA and Eric Weaver (formerly of Intel Corporation and currently Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at the Universities Space Research Association) of Columbia, MD have officially joined the Equal Opportunity Schools Board of Directors. Their 3-year terms began August 2020 and end September 2023.

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Joanne Harrell – Bio
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Celebrate & Support Black-led & Black-benefitting Organizations

Seattle, WA – Today, Equal Opportunity Schools, a Seattle-based national nonprofit announced they are celebrating #Give828, the national day of giving focused specifically on supporting black-led and black-benefitting organizations.

#Give828 isn’t like other fundraising campaigns. This day takes place during Black Philanthropy Month and commemorates multiple important historical landmarks in black American’s march toward freedom.

Supporting our #Give828 campaign just takes two steps: 1) Donate to us on August 28 2) Share your support and equity story by tweeting us @EqualOppSchools #EquityEducationNow.

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From Tails to Heads: Momentum Metrics for Postsecondary Preparation

Over the next week, we’re digging into the three main phases of a student’s transition to higher education and the Momentum Metrics associated with each one: Preparing, Applying, and Enrolling.

First up: Preparing…Equal Opportunity Schools has found success in using non-test-based methods for predicting advanced course potential, especially among students of color.

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Belonging Now: A Virtual Mindset Scholars Network Briefing

On August 13th, Mindset Scholars Network hosted Belonging Now: New Insights from Research and Practice, a virtual briefing featuring remarks from leaders at Beloved Community, EL Education, Equal Opportunity Schools, Kingmakers of Oakland, and from MSN Scholar DeLeon Gray.

Presenters discussed the structures and conditions that are needed to support adolescents’ sense of belonging in this unique moment, as school systems are planning for an uncertain return to school and reckoning with our nation’s history of systemic racism.

“As we focus on belonging in schooling,” DeLeon said, “we have to center race in the conversation, because in every way, the strivings of historically marginalized populations in this country have been about belonging in society. Schools have the opportunity to replicate societal injustices or to change the world from the inside out.”

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Message and Resources from Mindset Scholars Network

The next generation of computer science leaders

Last year, through a $10M grant, the Kapor Center and Equal Opportunity Schools, alongside many other organizations, launched the Rising STEM Scholars initiative to place and support 3,000 students of color and low income students in Bay Area AP STEM and CS classrooms.

“Black+ and Latinx+ students who take advanced computer science (CS) in high school are 7–8 times more likely to major in CS in college.”

“…lower income schools are 4X less likely to offer CS learning opportunities.”

“In California, Black+, Latinx+, and American Indian/Alaska Native students make up 60% of the overall school population but only 15% of Advanced Placement CS A test-takers.”

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