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Monday March 2, 2020
Grounding Ourselves in Historydownload now
Inequities in Advanced Courseworkdownload now
Azure Savageread the article
Dr. Rob Jagers – pending
We Dare Say Love” – pending

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
The Science of Learning and Development and Robust Equity download now
Role-A-Like Deep Dive

  • Your Equity Leadership Journey – pending
  • Tricks of the Trade: Consistent Dos and Don’ts for School Equity Leaders – pending
  • From Ripples to Waves: Igniting School Change – download now

Communal Approaches for Addressing the Belonging Concerns of Black and Brown Adolescents download now
Equity in Action: Session One

  • Access to the Jobs of the Future: Why AP CS is the New Battlefield for Equity download now
  • Belong to What? The Cues, Experiences and Conditions of Belongingdownload now
  • Making Equity Work: The Importance of Centering African American Students – pending
  • Where Intentionality and an Individualized Approach Meet Success: The CMS Schools Journey download now

Equity in Action: Session Two

  • The Evolution of a Partnership: An Inside Look at LCISD’s Six-Year Journey download now
  • On Becoming Community Responsive: Centering Wellness in the Education Paradigm  download now
  • Get “Un-Stuck”: Deepen the Equity Work in your School or District – pending
  • The Equitable Learning Library: A BELE Network Resource for Schools and Districts – pending

The Next 10 Years of EOS download now

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