Join Equal Opportunity Schools, the Building Equitable Learning Environments Network (BELE Network), and over 200 of your colleagues representing over 55 EOS partner districts for this one of kind, highly curated, race and equity centered, professional learning and networking experience. The Equity and Excellence Symposium is designed to propel you and your teams forward on your equity journey.

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You’ll leave inspired and ready to take your learning home, pass it on to your colleagues, and act on behalf of your students.


Sunday March 1, 2020
4:00-6:00 Registration Open
7:00-9:00 Meet and Greet Reception with EOS’s CEO, Byron V. Garrett Pulse Lounge

Monday March 2, 2020
10:00-12:00 Registration Open
10:00-11:30 Regional Convening for prospective districts
12:00-1:00 Buffet Lunch and Welcome – Dr. Sasha Rabkin, EOS
1:00-2:00 Opening Activity: Grounding Ourselves in History – Dr. Sasha Rabkin, EOS & LaShawn Routé Chatmon, National Equity Project
2:00-2:30 Who is in the Room?
2:30-3:00 An introduction to the Building Equitable Learning Environments Network
3:00-3:50 Inequities in Advanced Coursework: What can be Done to Change Systemic Inequalities? – Kayla Patrick & Heather Rieman, Education Trust
3:50-4:00 Evening Overview & Logistics
4:30-6:15 National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum

5:00-6:45 Ebenezer Baptist Church

7:00 pm-9:00 Opening Plenary: Centering African American Students, Ebenezer Baptist Church Sanctuary

  • Azure Savage (Author and High School Student)
  • Opening Remarks, Dr. Rob Jagers (CASEL)
  • Plenary session by Dr. Na’ilah Suad Nasir (Spencer Foundation) and Chris Chatmon (Kingmakers of Oakland) on their book: “We Dare Say Love
  • Featured Performance by Christina Wells

*If registered for dinner at Ebenezer

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
6:30-7:30 Registration, Coffee and Networking
7:15 Plated Breakfast
7:30-8:30 Opening Remarks and Welcome:

  • Student Voice: Azure Savage
  • The Science of Learning and Development and Robust Equity – Dr. Sasha Rabkin, EOS & Dr. David Osher, American Institutes for Research
    8:30-8:45 Where Do I Go Next and Why?
    8:45-9:00 Break
    9:00-10:45 Role-A-Like Deep Dive (Pick One)

    • For District Leaders – Your Equity Leadership Journey – Dr. Tony Smith, Whyspeople & Kia Franklin, EOS
    • For School Leaders – Tricks of the Trade: Consistent Dos and Don’ts for School Equity Leaders – Dr. Tracey Conrad & Kristin Ward, EOS
    • For Site Leaders/Equity Teams – From Ripples to Waves: Igniting School Change – Marquise Roberson & Alison Gazarek, EOS

    10:45-11:00 Break
    11:00-12:10 Plated Lunch: Communal Approaches for Addressing the Belonging Concerns of Black and Brown Adolescents in Urban, Public Schools – Dr. DeLeon Gray, College of Education at Michigan State University
    12:10-12:20 Overview of Afternoon Sessions
    12:20-12:30 Transition to Break-Out Rooms
    12:30-1:10 Equity in Action: Session One (Pick One)

    • Access to the Jobs of the Future: Why AP CS is the New Battlefield for Equity – Dr. Allison Scott, Kapor Center
    • Belong to What? The Cues, Experiences and Conditions of Belonging – Holly Karakos, EOS & Dr. David Osher, American Institutes for Research
    • Making Equity Work: The Importance of Centering African American Students – Bayaan Bakari, Kingmakers of Oakland & Marquise Roberson, EOS
    • Where Intentionality and an Individualized Approach Meet Success: The CMS Schools Journey – Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District & Dolores Caamano, EOS

    1:10-1:20 Transition Between Break-Out Rooms
    1:20-2:00 Equity in Action: Session Two (Pick One)

    • The Evolution of a Partnership: An Inside Look at LCISD’s Six-Year Journey – Lamar Consolidated Independent School District & Dolores Caamano, EOS
    • On Becoming Community Responsive: Centering Wellness in the Education Paradigm Community Responsive Education Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade & Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, San Francisco State University 
    • Get “Un-Stuck”: Deepen the Equity Work in your School or District – Jennifer Ward & Jessica Paulson, EOS
    • The Equitable Learning Library: A BELE Network Resource for Schools and DistrictsDr. Dave Paunesku, PERTS & Jasmin Lee, Chicago Consortium for School Research

    2:00-2:10 Transition Back to Marquis A
    2:10-3:00 Closing Session: The Next 10 Years of EOS – Byron V. Garrett, EOS

    3:00 Adjourn

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