Equal Opportunity Schools, Continuously Learning.

In pursuit of our mission, we engage in special initiatives and pilot programs that help further our knowledge and expertise.

Current Initiatives

An Equal Opportunity Schools & Kingmakers of Oakland Initiative (The NBA Foundation Grant)
This award, from the NBA Foundation, will strengthen the EOS and KOO collaborative partnership to increase access, support and economic empowerment for Black High Schoolers nationwide, and specifically empower Black communities in three NBA markets: Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans.

EOS and KOO will roll out its three-pronged approach comprised of school, community and youth leader engagement events; narrative building through KOO’s Portraits of a King video series featuring real stories illuminating the greatness of Black boys; and the launch of an RFP in Summer 2022 for select districts to join the network and receive comprehensive support systems that transform district, school, and classroom leaders into equity champions.

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Google Rising STEM Scholars Initiative
This initiative is a partnership to significantly increase the number of low-income and students of color that enroll and succeed in advanced STEM and Computer Science courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) across the Bay Area and surrounding regions.

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Current Pilot Programs

African American Male Initiative (AAMI)
We have been tirelessly working to improve the student experience, specifically low-income students and students of color and we believe that AAMI will serve as an essential and inspirational resource to empower your students.

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Radically Imagining School Equity (RISE)
The goal of RISE is to empower rising juniors and seniors to think about the ways in which they want to transform school culture in partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools.

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