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“Thank you for talking to me about the AP test. Without that, I wouldn’t have decided to take it, and that credit is saving me and my four year plan right now!”

Our Reason for Tackling AP/IB Equity Work

We had been working on equity issues around college preparation for almost a decade. And, we had some success narrowing the achievement gaps in this arena. The EOS promise to help us to address the gap we had in enrollment in AP and IB sounded too good to be true. Their track record convinced us. We had worked really hard to break down the artificial barriers for students who wanted to take an AP course, but did not have a recruiting strategy to seek out those who were capable, but who needed to be encouraged to take the step. We were aware of the powerful impact taking an AP or IB course has on a student’s future and wanted to extend that opportunity to more students.

The Most Inspiring Aspect of the Work

We have reached hundreds of students in the past two years who, in the past, may have never taken an AP or IB course. Their success has encouraged many more of our students to compete for spots in college, and in multiple cases, the coursework has made them much more competitive. More importantly, we are now getting regular feedback from our graduates who are attending colleges and universities that they feel prepared and confident as they dig into their first college classwork.

Who Benefits Most

Students are clearly the beneficiary of this effort. Here are two recent quotes from graduates who are now in college that illustrate this.

“Hey Mrs. Meyers, I just wanted to say thank you. I am currently in PSYCH 150 “Structure of the Mind and its Behavior” and I know I didn’t pass the AP exam…but I have never felt so prepared for a class in my life. I am familiar with all the concepts and as I go through classwork and assignment, I recall the majority of things because I was taught it so well. Again, just a quick thank you for everything you do and PLEASE, keep it up, because I promise, as an AP teacher you really are preparing students for their futures! You really do make a difference!”

This effort is saving students time and money, building their confidence, and preparing them for success. It is changing the entire history for some families!


This has not been easy, but it is the most fulfilling work we have ever done. And, we have learned that achieving equity is not a one year process, or a project that will ever be finished. It is ongoing and we need to recommit every year.

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