Highline Public Schools
Burien, Washington
We think it is powerful that we opened doors for students to have access to AP/IB courses.

A challenge we are currently having is how those students perform in the class in relation to how they perform on AP/IB exams. The data does not align, students are passing courses but not passing or getting high marks on outside assessments. The next phase of the work in Highline Public Schools is to move our focus from access to success.

Our Reason for Tackling AP/IB Equity Work

We wanted to close the advanced course enrollment gap between students of color and white students. We know we have talented students from every demographic but that was not represented in our AP/IB programs.

The Most Inspiring Aspect of the Work

The work around expanding access to advanced coursework has reinforced our commitment to ensuring equity across the system.

Who Benefits Most

Students were greatly benefited but our experience at the building level with this work also saw counselors and teachers looking at students in a different way and looking at student potential more rather than student deficits.

This effort is saving students time and money, building their confidence, and preparing them for success. It is changing the entire history for some families!


Put as much emphasis on professional development for teachers to implement powerful instruction as you do on increasing the number of students in AP/IB courses.


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