New Partner Profile

  • Racial inequity should never be a barrier for any student in experiencing educational access and success, but we know that those barriers exist. Why are you partnering with EOS and what benefits are you looking forward to in this collaboration?
  • EOS’ mission is to ensure that students of color and low-income students have equitable access to America’s most academically intense high school programs and succeed at the highest levels. As a cohort, you now will lead this charge in your district and community. How and why is this work an important priority to district and school leadership?
  • Inequity shows up in a variety of ways - inside and outside the classroom. By your assessment/observation, what are your school/district's most significant needs around racial equity?
  • Equity work is challenging yet rewarding; it requires commitment, collaboration and a shared sense of the goal(s). What are your goals for our work together, and from these goals, which is your top priority?
  • Closing opportunity gaps and championing equitable access to academic rigor requires a hands-on approach. How have your high school principals and their teams demonstrated leadership and commitment to equity? What do you view as your role in meeting the equity goals we will work to establish in this partnership?
  • Tell us about your district's equity efforts leading up to this partnership. What other work around racial equity has already happened in your district/school? (Ex. other initiatives, staff training, specific positions funded, etc.)
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