Access Opportunity Onboarding and Resource Page

Welcome to the Access Opportunity Onboarding and Resource Page. This page highlights best practices, resources and critical communications for your district and will serve as your primary source of information as you navigate through your first year with Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS). Our best practices and resources are informed by data, analysis, and years of experience collaborating with over 600 schools, 200 districts across 30 states to identify and implement inclusive policies and innovated methodologies designed to support your district and school needs.

Racial disparities in education have never been more prevalent than they are today

In many districts across the nation, countless students of color and low-income students are denied the social, emotional, and academic support they deserve to reach their full potential. The Action For Equity (A4E) partnership is designed to identify and dismantle racial barriers in every district to reclaim equitable access and opportunity for all marginalized students.